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Would a nvidia gtx 580 or 2 of NVIDIA 460 gtx's be better?
Date: 20/11/2011 10:08 By: AgniechaKobza Status: Пользователь  
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I tried enlargind it with the dots, but when I let go it won't stretch t the corners and it'll move over just a little bit! Help.i found this girl on fb that i knew way back when i was little. her grandmother used to live in my neighbor hood and we would play together when she came to visit. she moved to florida and i haven't seen her since we were really young. i don't know if she remembers me, would it be weird if i added her on fb?Recently, Google Chrome told me to go download a new version of Adobe Flash Player, They said It'd be faster, And with less flaws, So, I downloaded it. And now it freezes my computer. Specifically for Flash Games & Facebook Apps. How do I get the old adobe back? I cant live with this new one, And when I try to download the new one, It tells me that Chrome already has an adobe flash player installed with it, Its really annoying. I want the old adobe back! Heeeeelp diety tabletki odchudzajace dieta 3d So earlier I was doin a clean installation of Windows 7 SP1, during the finalization stage of installation the power cable for some reason came off the plug, obviously it was lose. My silly mistake. Afterwards I tried re-installing from the start again but now I am having issues, first during the "Expanding Files" process at 50% I got blue screen of death IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL so restarted the PC and started installation all over again, this time between 45 to 55% of Expanding process I got another blue of screen of death and this time it's PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA. Now I don't know what to do, I am once again trying to re-install, this time I've recreated the partition, just in case of the file system has got corrupted. What could have gone bad? i7 2600k Asus P8P67 (B3) Corsair 1600 Mhz 4 GB DDR3 Dual Channel 2gb x 2 Western digital 1.5 TB Green Caviar. XFX Nvidia GeForce GTS 250when I try to download a song Iraqis "it can not be transported". it's really pissing me off. how can I transfer the music with out it getting ******. please and thanks!how do you do it, by following them and then tweeting@ them?
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